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Doris Moore

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Children with:
Arthur Vernon Story

Florence Mary Story
Vernon William Story
Gordon Richard Story
Doris Moore
  • Married to Arthur Vernon Story

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    Story, Arthur
    By Doris Story
    I married Arthur Story of Holden in 1929 and we lived on Arthur's father's homestead. Arthur's uncle, Alf Palmer lived with us for many years.
    One day Arthur went to Edmonton on business and Uncle was cutting and burning brush south of the yard when a whirlwind caught the fire, and carried it over the fire guard to a windbreak near the yard. We got the fire out, and when Arthur came home he hauled many barrels of water to ensure that it was out. The next day a strong wind came up and fanned up the fire, hurling burning sticks toward the house. I phoned Mayor Tom White in Holden, and he got a truckload of men who were in town to come out and help us. They kept the roof of the house watered down, but a fire started in the woodpile which they put out. The sparks were blowing over to the open hayloft in the barn, so the men raised the door, which hadn't been moved in years. We did not lose any buildings and we were very grateful to those men who saved our home for us.
    Arthur and I had three children, all who attended school in Holden. Vernon was born in 1930. In 1949, he joined the navy and went to Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, where he married June Ellis in 1951. They now live in Edmonton. June works for the C.N.I.H. and arthritis forced Vernon into an early retirement. They have four adopted children; Brian, married to Susan Haliman lives in Redwater and has one daughter. He works for the C.N.R. Heather married Carl Rumohr, who has his own band and works for the city. They have one daughter. Tim is a mailman in the city and Elizabeth is going to school and working.
    Florence was born in '1934 and after completing her education went to Edmonton where she trained as a bookbinder She married Koop Spannenburg in 1954, who came to Canada from Holland in 1951. He is fleet supervisor for Northern Alberta Dairy Pool in Edmonton. They have three children; Wanda, who is also a bookbinder, is married to Bill Clark. He is a carpenter in Edmonton and they have one son. Gerben is married to Debbie Miller and they have two children. He is a glass glazer in Edmonton. Donald is a van body builder and he is engaged to marry Lorraine Laridry.
    Gordon was born in 1937. He married Jean Handy from Bruce. They stayed on the farm and he drove school bus for five years. He is now postal supervisor and Jean is a postal clerk in Edmonton. They have two sons, Rick, whose occupation is undecided, and Lee who is working with plans to join the armed forces.
    We had a car accident in 1966 and Arthur wasn't able to farm any more so we sold the farm to Maurice Ruskenveld and moved to Edmonton in 1967 where we were caretakers for Alidritt Apartments. We re-tired in 1974 and lived with Florence and Koop for 13 months, until we got a senior citizens cottage where we lived until Arthur left me to join our Saviour in 1981. I still reside there and am fortunate to have all my family close by.

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